Carl Gray

Carl Gray

"The wheel thrown pots that I create are simple yet precisely made with spontaneous and energetic marks.  Everything is conceived in the knowledge that the work will be wood-fired: form is kept plain as complex surfaces can develop, flame and ash ‘painting’ the work; I use my own blend of clays, chosen to respond to the atmospheric conditions in the kiln.  Sustainability is also important, I use found materials to make glazes and waste wood as fuel.

My studio is in Bassingham and my kiln site at Hill Holt Wood, both nestled between Newark and Lincoln in the East Midlands.  I have had a love of clay for as long as I can remember and enjoy letting this unique material speak for itself in the things that I make.  The tensions that arise from contrasts, be they angular and round, smooth and rough, controlled and spontaneous, interest me and often appear in my work."

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