Row of ‘Collecting Bark Pots’ on Wooden Base (JB13)

Row of ‘Collecting Bark Pots’ on Wooden Base (JB13)

Jane Bevan


Using natural and found materials, which are collected on Jane’s daily walks in the ancient woodland near her home in Derbyshire. Jane gathers the materials that catch her eye such as thorns, bark, seeds, feathers and acorn cups. These materials are often overlooked, trodden on and discarded despite the wealth of colour, pattern and texture they offer. The irregularities, tiny imperfections and random twists and turns make each item unique.

These ‘natural treasures’ are then hand-stitched, tied, woven and intricately assembled into vessels, sculptures and collage in Jane’s Derbyshire studio.

Dimensions - Base 22cm x 4.5cm, Pot Heights 5-10cm.