Sarah J Perry

Sarah J Perry

Sarah J Perry - a textile artist working with fine threads using vintage and natural fabrics. She creates detailed embroidered 3D artworks of birds and animals in their their habitats, using a technique she's developed over the last fifteen years.

With a love for nature from a very young age, she has been fascinated by the structure of birds, fish and animals; noticing the movement of bones and the distribution of muscle, the shape of a bird's wing defining the way it flies, the design of a beak for a specific diet, and legs and feet evolved to suit a certain habitat.  Sarah drew, glued and shaped birds and animals from fabric, thread, paint and treasures collected from the countryside.

A love of fine embroidery merged with other media enabled her to include more detail of feathering or vignettes of appropriate habitats. Incorporating vintage fragments of yesterday's textiles helps to embrace the feeling of nature's enduring presence in our lives. She loves to share 'The serenity of nature's symbiotic existence with ours' with others as it has enhanced her life:

'My garden is full of birds as are the country lanes, moors and coasts that surround my Cornish home. So inspiration is a visual and audible circle around me. It is a privilege to be able to observe, study and depict this freedom of spirit.'

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