Hawksby’s is a one of a kind gallery, owned and run by us, Claire and Barry Foster, on the ground floor of our home in Haworth. Haworth is a charming, lively village on the edge of the Pennine moors, in West Yorkshire.

Selling only things we love ourselves, Hawksby’s is our excuse to buy work from the UK’s most talented artists, designers and makers, and share it with you! Laid out in our warm and welcoming shop, amongst vintage furniture and fittings, you will find original artwork, prints, ceramics, jewellery, sculpture, mixed media, stationery, textiles, greetings cards and a range of gifts. Delightful and quirky objects crafted with care, that you wouldn’t find on the high street.

We invite you to take some time out, to look around - whether that’s in person or here online - and we hope that you will feel inspired.

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Twist Bobbin Lamp

Bobbins & Shuttles


Risograph A3 ‘Sewing Collection‘

The Printed Peanut


Leather 'Medium Acorn' Purse

Paulette Rollo


Ceramic Pot 'Elmet III'

Caroline Hudson


Paper Panel Shade - Small - Design 1

Jennifer Collier


Needle Felted 'Sitting Hare'

Zoe Stainton


sold out
Ceramic Lady on a Box 'Cecile & Moth the Bird'

Bottle Size 3 ‘Slate’

Alison Wren


Wide Tidal Necklace ‘Burnt Orange’

Caroline Finlay


Mixed Media Wild Hive #078

Leigh Shepherd Designs


Stitched Paper Lantern 'Pattern Paper'

Jennifer Collier