a little history

We’re Claire and Barry Foster; we own and run Hawksbys. We both have a passion for all things visually wonderful, beautifully crafted and created to enhance everyday life.

We had always loved visiting Haworth and its surrounding area, so when the opportunity came to rent some premises with bags of character, we went for it…it just seemed perfect. That was in 2012… In July 2014, we bought a property across the street, moved in and, in April 2015, moved our business across too. Now we live and work in one building and we love it, especially the morning commute!

It’s been so important to us to make Hawksbys into a warm and welcoming hub in the centre of Haworth where we showcase and sell creations of all shapes and sizes from some of the UK’s most talented artists. You won’t find these items on the high street, but we think you’ll love the cornucopia of quirky, fun and stylish creations.

meet the family

Claire Foster


It was while working at Salts Mill in the 1853 Gallery and Bookshop for 13 years, surrounded by beautiful things, that I began to dream of Hawksbys – a gallery full of desirable and yet affordable artworks and objects. Passionate about well-made products, I only buy things I love, things I would personally want to treasure. I am heavily drawn to nature, which is evident through my choices for Hawksbys. I love quirky, old and wooden objects and furniture, such as wooden bobbins, old boxes, shoe lasts, old rulers…not to mention rusted metal objects…oh and old bricks! I like things that have a history, that have the natural patina of age and use (just like my husband!)

Barry Foster


Retail is a new departure for me. I am a third generation decorator and have 30 years’ experience working for clients all over Yorkshire. I love the customer interaction at Hawksbys; being able to meet the artists’ and makers is so important for this as it gives me an insight into the passion behind the talent, which I love to share with our customers.

Peggy & Jasper


I (PEGGY) joined the team in June 2013. I was Hawksbys’ main meeter and greeter, but since Jasper arrived I've been promoted to a more managerial position! I (JASPER) joined the team in March 2019, I'm mainly here for the attention and chewing cardboard...Training in other areas of the business is ongoing…

Helen & Steve


I’m the obligatory occasional staff (though often tend to work on a Thursday) and also Claire’s mum. I have vast experience in retail, having been an avid shopper for many years! Also, I like to think Claire inherited her eye for beautiful things from me. I (Claire's Dad) make an appearance a few times a year in times of need. I have a long background in the sales department so like to think Claire inherited her sales skills from me!

Leigh Shepherd

Artist, Maker & Wouldn't be without Part-Time Hawksby's Member

I have lived in Haworth and the local area for about 20yrs, originally from Burnley. I started by own creative business around 14yrs ago making Jewellery from Dominos/Draughts/Old Sixpences/Resin and Silver. More recently alongside the jewellery I have been making Mixed Media pieces for exhibition, often themed around Bees...who doesn't love a Bee! I have worked part-time at Hawksby's for just over three years, mainly working Fridays. It is such a pleasure to work here amongst so many beautiful creative things. More information on me and my work can be found on the Artists' page!

Caroline Hudson

Ceramicist, Painter & Haworth Moor Wanderer (Also a wouldn't be without Part-Time Hawksby's Member)

I moved to Haworth a few years ago from Richmond (though originally from West, Yorkshire), where I owned my own Studio Gallery for over 10 years. When I first came to Haworth I visited Hawksby's many times as a customer and loved its vibrant aesthetic. Claire started stocking and exhibiting my work and I started working here part-time just over a year ago, I tend to work a few afternoons a week, this fits in with my main work as an Artist...I too can be found on the Artists' page!

Portraits by Lucie Sheridan / Rubbish Portraits