Chiu-i Wu

Chiu-i Wu

Chiu-i developed her art and ceramics in her home country, Taiwan and exhibited her first work in Taipei. She loved it.. but always had a hard time, when asked about her work.. She has no deep meanings. Not ones that she recognise anyway! She just produces from her heart, sensing when the thing she is creating begins to feel right.

Ceramics was an adventure into clay and glaze, and Chiu-i studied hard to be able to create the feeling she wanted. When she moved to England, she brought many glaze recipes, but soon discovered a new range of English clays to explore. She came to England in 2003… she can feel her love of English summers, blackbirds and sheep touching her heart and influencing her work. She now exhibits  in both countries. She don’t use moulds... all of her work is hand built with care for quality, and all of her paintings are original.

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