Fran Buxton

Fran Buxton

“Ostranenie': encouraging people to see common things as strange, wild or unfamiliar; de-familiarizing what is known in order to know it more differently or more deeply

As a magpie of treasures that others would deem mundane and invaluable, Fran is fascinated by ‘ostranenie’. Finding beauty in surfaces and objects that are blemished and imperfect, resonates within her whole practice; seeking to challenge the viewers perception of the familiar or previously overlooked, as well as the value attributed to the used and the antique.

Responding to found objects (usually of a rusty variety!) as well as her own photographs of surface pattern and texture, Fran works with mixed media/ textiles. She aims to balance these found items with tactile mark making, meticulous stitch and an element of weaving; to create layered, often textural pieces permeated with intrigue.

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