Hadley Paper Goods

Hadley Paper Goods

Illustrations with integrity

Every Hadley design starts life as an original artwork: a collage, drawing or print.
They aim to use computers as little as possible; a line drawn by a human hand, with all it's wonkiness and charm, communicates so much more than a clean computer generated one.

Each card is printed on high quality paper using inks that give really vibrant tones and a stunning matte finish.

Beautiful cards born of a beautiful situation

Jo started making cards after she had her baby. So many people helped her: people who were excited for her and wonderful, strong people who she could turn to for support.

Jo was overwhelmed with the love and generosity she was shown, she ended up sending a lot of cards! Sending a card is the most lovely token of affection. She send cards all the time now: to say Thank You, Happy Birthday or just to let people know shes thinking of them. From this habit her card shop has grown and it makes her very happy to know that her designs are helping people to stay in touch and show love and gratitude all over the world.

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