Helen Shere Designs

Helen Shere Designs

Helen Shere designs and makes silver jewellery inspired by her surroundings, finding delicate beauty, detail and charm in an urban environment.

 The collections are mainly in silver with accents of copper or gold leaf for colour and depth and include delicate silver birds and leaves, intricate layered pendants along with detailed and illustrative stamped decoration. Fabrication, using cast elements, stamping and oxidising creates and individual look and feel to the jewellery.

"My jewellery draws on the themes of pattern and illustration and focuses mainly on the natural details found in my surroundings. I delight in noticing the tiny goings-on, the garden birds, the little leaves in the cracks, the beauty of the old brick walls and the effects of the changing seasons. I strive to capture these little moments of discovery and beauty as pieces of jewellery using simple but effective techniques. I hope that the wearer is encouraged to look for the beautiful little details in their own environment."

Helen's jewellery is currently sold at galleries throughout the UK and online, as well as at local fairs.

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