Luiza Holub

Luiza Holub

Luiza Holub is an artist and printmaker. Born in Poland, she completed an MA in Contemporary Fine Art in Sheffield, in 2010. She currently works in her garden studio, where she can be close to her young family.

Luiza focuses on the handmade process of traditional linocut printmaking techniques, creating work that is contemporary with a nod to the traditional. An urgency and momentary impulse to get an idea out onto paper means the initial stages of her drawings are spontaneous and fast. This spontaneity provides a simple, strong line in her work which remains unrefined and can be seen as a negative white line in her prints.

By mixing her own colours and using multiple linocut blocks; she creates work that is expressive but calm, carefully constructed and yet the handprinted results are always unexpected. Surface texture and misaligned happy accidents are embraced, celebrated and give an originality to her one off prints that cannot be re-created.

Her works exhibit a fascination with still life, flora and people.

She documents the familiar images of the day and proceeds to turn them into a form of art. Moments are borrowed from the everyday and handprinted with bold colour and simple compositions that show the admiration for common objects.




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