Neville Tatham

Neville Tatham

From Durham in the Northeast of England, Neville studied 3D Design in the early 90s at Manchester Met, specialising in wheel thrown ceramics under the tutelage of Alex McErlain. He has since continued to refine his skills through production throwing and numerous teaching positions. Focusing on Slipware enables a more environmentally friendly approach, using local clays which fire at lower temperatures. Now established in his rural Essex studio, he makes functional pots which are exhibited throughout the UK.

Predating the industrial revolution and the Arts and Crafts Movement, Slipware was the traditional rural pottery ware of Europe for centuries. The functional ceramics from this era have inspired the forms created by Neville. Consciously rooted in an English tradition, all of the pots featured are hand thrown, functional Slipware pottery that is raw fired to earthenware temperatures. The materials and techniques used remain visible, often with the warmth of the terracotta clay showing through the glaze or left bare, creating a textural contrast between the raw and glazed surfaces. The pots are decorated using slip trailed and incised decoration which is then finished with a lead based glaze. The application and thickness of the slip also determines a range of effects.

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