Twist Bobbin Lamp

Bobbins & Shuttles


Risograph A3 ‘Sewing Collection‘

The Printed Peanut


Leather 'Medium Acorn' Purse

Paulette Rollo


Ceramic Pot 'Elmet III'

Caroline Hudson


Paper Panel Shade - Small - Design 1

Jennifer Collier


Needle Felted 'Sitting Hare'

Zoe Stainton


sold out
Ceramic Lady on a Box 'Cecile & Moth the Bird'

Bottle Size 3 ‘Slate’

Alison Wren


Wide Tidal Necklace ‘Burnt Orange’

Caroline Finlay


Mixed Media Wild Hive #078

Leigh Shepherd Designs


Stitched Paper Lantern 'Pattern Paper'

Jennifer Collier


Not every item we have in our gallery in Haworth is listed as a product to buy online. If you've seen something that you'd like to enquire about, please do get in touch. We would be happy to provide more information and/or arrange manual payment and delivery. We can also reserve items for you to collect at your convenience.