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Advent Calendar by Angela Harding ‘Winter Owl’

Calendar 2021 ‘Emily Sutton Allotment’

Art Angels Publishing


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Angela Harding Tea Towel ‘Winter Cottage’
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Little Bird & Sprig Wall Sculpture

Little Bird & Sprig Wall Sculpture

Shirley Vauvelle


Risograph A3 ‘Sewing Collection‘

The Printed Peanut


Felt Large Pebble

Lindsey Tyson


Leather 'Medium Acorn' Purse

Paulette Rollo


Bottle Size 3 ‘Slate’

Alison Wren


Wide Tidal Necklace ‘Burnt Orange’

Caroline Finlay


Ceramic Lady on a Box 'Ivy'

Sarah Saunders


Birdie Plaque No.13

Claire West


Mixed Media Wild Hive #078

Leigh Shepherd Designs


Ceramic Pot 'Elmet 1'

Caroline Hudson


sold out
'The Valley' Original Oil Painting

'The Valley' Original Oil Painting

Paula Dunn


Landlines Holding Vessel

Creatively Occupied


Stitched Paper Lantern 'Pattern Paper'

Jennifer Collier


Haworth 'Winter Deer' Map Print

Kate Thornton


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