Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown is a jeweller specialising in enamel and graphite drawn jewellery. She works from her lovely studio at home in South Yorkshire, combining making with kids and dogs and general family life.

She studied jewellery and silversmithing at Loughborough College of Art and Design graduating in 1993. Initially she went into teaching and kept jewellery making as a hobby. In 2014 she decided to make her passion for making her full time job.

Rachel fell in love with this lesser known enamelling technique when researching different ways to enamel. She has always loved sketching and doodling, pencil being her favourite medium and so this was the perfect way to explore her drawing.

She has developed this simple technique over the past couple of years. She only use white enamel which represents a sheet of white paper. Although her work is minimal in colour white enamel can be over-fired to produce subtle tones of yellows, blues and greens.

The addition of gold also brings a colourful element to her work. Each piece of jewellery is unique, Rachel hand draws every piece, it’s like wearing a piece of art! A lot of her work explores the repetitive patterns and shapes she sees in everyday life, from leaves on a tree to the brickwork in a building.

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