Sabine Nemet

Sabine Nemet

Sabine completed an apprenticeship as a thrower in East Germany in 1998 with Hans Joachim Grünert in Waldenburg(Sachsen). She underwent a three year long thorough training in producing domestic ware exclusively on the potter’s wheel and was introduced to wood firing.

Hans took over an existing pottery where for many generations traditional salt glazed stoneware was produced. He also inherited an old tunnel kiln (Kassler Ofen) that he fired for 24 hours with coal and wood. At 1300 degrees he threw packages of salt in the fire box to achieve the typical surface of salt glaze pots.

Since then, the excitement of staying up all night feeding an ever hungry kiln with wood, the direct impact of when and how much wood to put in the firebox, has never left Sabine.

In 2000 she decided to travel to England to gain more experience in ceramics. She met her partner Nic Collins( here and in 2001 she moved to Moretonhamstead in Devon.

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