Selborne Pottery

Selborne Pottery

Robert Goldsmith established Selborne Pottery over 35 years ago.  Hand thrown and hand decorated pots, the domestic stoneware range includes mugs, bowls, jugs, vases, lamps (etc), decorated with rich copper red and cobalt blue glazes, some with the addition of precious lustre.

The Pottery is situated below the Church in the historic village of Selborne opposite the naturalist Gilbert White's home and five minutes from Jane Austen's home in Chaswton. 

Led by Robert Goldsmith, it is very much a team workshop continuing to develop new ideas and ranges.

Every pot is hand thrown and turned on the wheel. No moulds or industrial techniques are used in the making process.

Combinations of cobalt blue, iron oxide and rich copper red glaze together with  fine brushwork, wax resist, glaze trailing and high temperature stoneware glazes, result in pots that are both functional and decorative, whilst having a look that can be placed in a historic or contemporary setting.

The  gold lustre range (also hand decorated onto the fired pot and then fired again), adds a luxurious opulence not normally found in studio pottery.

Glazes and pigments are made from raw materials in the pottery, and firing is done in a gas kiln to just over 1300 celsius.

Due to the nature of a natural flame, subtle colour changes occur in the glazes. This is especially true of the copper red glaze which can fire to a bright red, tomato red or pink giving pots in the same range the feeling of a family rather than being cloned!

Although decorative, pots are designed for every day use and are oven, microwave (unless with gold lustre) and dishwasher safe.

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