Zinc White

Zinc White

Zincwhite is a small sustainable company which designs and hand makes contemporary jewellery and fashion accessories, mechanical and sculptural objects as well as homewares, all in-house.

We are based in Yorkshire in the north of England, from where the two of us, Lidia, an artist, and Paul, an architect, design and make all our work.

Using bio-resins, reclaimed hardwoods, metals and eco-silver, we transform waste art and craft materials including factory rejected colouring pencils, artist’s paintbrushes and canvases, knitting needles and typewriter components.

Contemporary as well as traditional metalworking and woodworking techniques are used to produce our unique work.

Materials are locally sourced wherever possible.

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There are no products in the online 'Zinc White' collection yet.

Not every item we have in our gallery in Haworth is listed as a product to buy online. If you've seen something that you'd like to enquire about, please do get in touch. We would be happy to provide more information and/or arrange manual payment and delivery. We can also reserve items for you to collect at your convenience.