'God's Own' Exhibition

'God's Own' Exhibition

A Celebration of the Yorkshire Landscape

Paula Dunn and Creatively Occupied (Michelle Freemantle)

Opens Thursday 1st October 2020 

Creatively Occupied (Michelle Freemantle)

Creatively Occupied (Michelle Freemantle)

Yorkshire for me has it all: the Dales, the Moors, the Coast and the Wolds. Each has its unique character and its palette of colours. I live in the Wolds where each season brings different representing colours, whether that be in the light, the weather or in the crops life cycle.

For my Landlines series I use the colours the Wolds present around the months of April and May, when the yellow rapeseed is in full joyous bloom, wheat and barley are just tender green shoots and bare fields waiting for potatoes, have a white hue to them from the chalk littering the top soil.

Being invited to make work for Gods Own, has given me the impetus to develop other forms than that of my current Landlines series. I incise into the clay and apply slips in a painterly way, to my handbuilt and thrown pots. Specific for this exhibition, vessels and bottles and some applied art pieces wait to be curated by Claires' expert eye.

Just as I'm interested in seeing how my functional work appears with the inclusion of food and drink, I'm really looking forward to seeing my new body of work alongside Paulas'. Although working in different mediums, the textures we fabricate are important to us both, in creating our representations of our surroundings, in Gods Own County.

Paula Dunn

Paula Dunn

Paula is a Yorkshire based artist whose atmospheric paintings are inspired by the dramatic northern landscapes. She is a landscape painter whose work is very much influenced by light, colours and textures; she experiments with techniques such as impasto, mark making and developing layers of colour with glazes.

“I paint landscapes inspired by feelings and memories of a place and at a particular point in time. My paintings respond to the weather and other natural forces which have an influence on the landscape. Over the years as I have worked to develop the themes of landscape and my understanding of what this term incorporates, I find that my range has broadened leading me towards images of landscapes that may be viewed as less than strictly representational.”

Her latest series of God’s Own paintings has been created with oils and a medium called cold wax. Cold wax is used at room temperature, without heat, and when combined with oil paints can be used to produce atmosphere and depth to a painting. The layering of transparent colours and the blending techniques she has developed, have created the atmospheric landscapes and dramatic skies you see in this latest series.

“I started to use cold wax in my work a number of years ago to try and develop more of an abstract style whilst retaining the atmosphere you normally see in my landscapes. I now feel that I have come full circle with this latest collection of work which is more representational.

Bruised sky, the central piece of the exhibition, is inspired by the Airedale valley in Yorkshire. It's not a true depiction of the valley but is inspired by many journeys between Skipton and Saltaire. Big rushing skies, sodden pea-green fields, and the sweep of a road (or is it a canal?) down into the valley. This is Yorkshire!”

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