Meg Fatharly

Meg Fatharly

Megan Fatharly was born in Edinburgh and grew up by the coast. She graduated in 2018 with a BA in Drawing from Falmouth University and found solace in the printmaking process. Megan utilises traditional techniques and manipulates different surfaces to play with texture and layering. She plays around with various ways of bringing fragments together and this includes collage and drawing. Scale is an important aspect of her work, with many of her pieces measuring just 2cm in size.

Delicate linework and subtle, intricate layers come together to form individual narratives which allow the everyday to be explored. She is inspired by the mundane intricacies of interiors, hidden spaces and elevating forgotten memories. Collages are created using gouache and hand made papers. She utilises processes like embossing and experiments with new ways of creating a narrative through the manipulation of surface. 

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